Thursday, November 8

Open Condom Style: Los Angeles Pornography

Amongst the historic election this past week for LGBTQ equality I find myself focusing on Measure B which passed in Los Angeles. It was brought up in my Sex and Sexuality class which is one of the four classes I am taking that has prevented me from blogging very frequently this semester. Even though my frequency in posting has been reduced, I have been learning a lot about the things I love to study. I am even writing a sexy test.

But without further adieu, Measure B requires condom use in the production of porn for those creating porn in Los Angeles county. Naturally, there is a conflict between capitalist interests and the health of workers. (I've been exposed to Marx. God be prepared.) Essentially, those producing porn want to maximize their profits and they don't want to lose their dollars based on the consumer interest in things like cream pies and bare backing. The working class in this situation being the porn stars are at risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases and that is why there was a push for this condom requirement.

The L.A. Times reports that, "AIDS activists call the measure similar to requiring restaurants to obtain a public health permit and submit to surprise inspections." (L.A. Times) I think a better analogy would be the similarity to requiring that construction workers wear helmets. This is actually just a classic conflict between workers rights and the capitalists. The capitalists who do not want to spend money on things such as condoms. Plus, there is the risk losing profit to producers who don't have to abide to such laws.

At any rate, another aspect of this requirement is the social impact in regards to social referencing. People who watch porn will be subjected to the presence of the condom and the condom will become naturalized into the process of sex. This is your typical social learning theory in action. More specifically, by forcing this particular segment of the media to use condoms, individuals watching will mimic this behavior just like the Albert Bandura's Bobo the clown experiment where children model violent behavior. Monkey see, monkey do, monkey put condom on you. Open Condom Style!

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